Site Development - 4


Now it is time to actually build the site. There are two major steps during this stage:

1.Technical / Functional Plan
2.Build and Integrate the Site

Technical / Functional Plan

Set the technical / functional specifications for the site:

Browsers - what browsers will you target?
Operating Systems - Mac, Windows, Other?
Display Resolution - what is the main screen resolution? What other resolutions will be supported gracefully?
Connection Speed - what is the expected connection speed for your primary users? What other connection    speeds will you target, if any?
Page Download Size -
30K and under
30-80k (typical page)
80-100k (graphic heavy)
100k+ (not recommended unless all users are high-bandwidth)

Functional Specs - what functionality does your site require? Use of W3C web standards is recommended to insure that your site pursues the goals of 'web for everyone'.

9.(X)HTML version
11.Rich Media (video, audio)
13.Secure Credit Card Transactions (Third Party)
14.Backend Technologies (database, cgi, CMS, personalization, login)
15.Web Analytics

Project Plan - review the original timeline and the technical and functional specs you've just established. Do you have the resources you need to complete the project on time and within budget? Refine and add details to the project plan you drafted during the Project Definition Stage. Your project plan should now include a detailed list of concrete tasks, assignments, target dates and dependencies between tasks.

Build and Integrate the Site

Finally, It's time to turn all this planning into reality!

The steps include:
Build templates using web standards
17.CSS - separate presentation from content
18.(X)HTML - use valid (X)HTML
19.Javascript - add light scripting, make sure to degrade gracefully and maintain accessibility
20.Optimize - optimize images, css and (x)html
21.Run initial tests on templates

Create Pages
22.Pour content into templates
23.Establish method for content contributors to review, update and add content

Backend Development
24.Code dynamic features of the site that require database/cgi and integration like:
secure transactions
web analytic